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Advancing Antenna Measurement Capabilities with Sunyield’s SY-68 Near Field Measurement System

Accurate antenna measurements are essential for optimizing wireless communication systems and ensuring superior performance. Sunyield, a renowned leader in antenna measurement technology, continues to push the boundaries of innovation with their state-of-the-art products. Their SY-68 probe spherical near field measurement system is a game-changer in the industry, supporting a wide range of frequencies and offering advanced features for precise measurements. This comprehensive system caters to the needs of terminal manufacturers, third-party laboratories, and base station research and development institutions.

Unleashing Versatility with Extended Measurement Range

Sunyield’s SY-68 near field measurement system surpasses its predecessors, such as the standard SY-24 system, by providing a larger measurement range. With a diameter of up to 2.5m, it enables businesses to measure antennas of various sizes, including small base station antennas. This versatility ensures that the system can accommodate diverse testing requirements, making it an ideal choice for terminal manufacturers and research institutions.

Unmatched Frequency Band Support

Flexibility is a key aspect of the SY-68 system, as it supports measurements in multiple frequency bands. From the 400MHz-8.5GHz and 600MHz-12GHz bands to the expansive 400MHz-18GHz band, this system empowers businesses with the ability to conduct comprehensive measurements across a wide spectrum of frequencies. This broad frequency band support allows for in-depth research and testing, ensuring that antenna performance is optimized across different operating frequencies.

Advanced Functionality for Enhanced Efficiency

Sunyield’s SY-68 near field measurement system not only supports active and passive measurements but also facilitates the secondary development of standard interfaces. This advanced functionality enables seamless integration with existing systems and workflows, enhancing efficiency and reducing implementation challenges. By harnessing the SY-68 system’s capabilities, businesses can streamline their testing processes and achieve accurate results with ease.


Sunyield’s SY-68 near field measurement system revolutionizes the way antenna measurements are conducted. With its extended measurement range, versatile frequency band support, and advanced functionality, this system empowers businesses in the terminal manufacturing, third-party laboratory, and base station research and development sectors. By leveraging the capabilities of the SY-68 system, businesses can achieve precise measurements, optimize antenna performance, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of wireless communication. Sunyield’s commitment to innovation and their expertise in antenna measurement technology make them the trusted partner for businesses seeking to unleash the full potential of their antenna systems.

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