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Enhance Your Home Automation with BN-LINK Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch

Upgrade your home’s automation capabilities with the BN-LINK 7 Day Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch. This innovative timer switch offers unparalleled convenience and control, making it a must-have for modern households seeking advanced scheduling options. With features like a blue backlight display, versatile programming options, and easy mode shifting, this timer switch redefines how you manage your electrical devices.

Blue Backlight Display for Enhanced Visibility

One of the standout features of the BN-LINK timer switch is its blue backlight display, which ensures optimal visibility even in low-light environments. Say goodbye to fumbling in the dark – with this timer switch, you can easily program and adjust settings with ease, regardless of the lighting conditions. Enjoy the convenience of controlling your timer switch effortlessly, day or night.

Versatile Programming Options

Create personalized schedules tailored to your specific needs with the BN-LINK timer switch. Set up to 18 On/Off programs, each offering 7-day programming options for maximum flexibility. Whether you need precise timing down to the minute or prefer pre-set combination days, this timer switch allows you to customize your schedule according to your preferences. Take control of your devices like never before.

Convenient Mode Shifting and Backup Battery

Easily switch between AUTO (timed on/off) and MANUAL (manual on/off) modes by pressing and holding on the door of the timer switch. This intuitive feature simplifies operation and ensures seamless transitions between different settings. Additionally, a built-in backup battery preserves your programmed schedules in case of a power outage, while the Daylight Savings Time mode streamlines time changes, eliminating the hassle of manual adjustments.


Revolutionize your home automation setup with the BN-LINK 7 Day Programmable In-Wall Timer Switch. This versatile timer switch combines advanced features like a blue backlight display, flexible programming options, and convenient mode shifting, making it an essential tool for controlling your electrical devices effectively. Upgrade to the BN-LINK timer switch today and experience the convenience and efficiency of modern timer technology in your home.

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