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Enhancing Silhouettes: Hafiller’s Sub Skin for Advanced Facial and Body Contouring

With Hafiller’s Sub Skin hyaluronic acid fillers, achieving a refined and naturally contoured appearance has never been easier. Designed for both deep facial corrections and body sculpting, Sub Skin provides a versatile and durable solution for those looking to enhance their physical contours without invasive procedures.

Tailored Facial Contour Adjustments

Sub Skin’s large particle size and high stability make it ideal for intricate facial contour adjustments. It excels in filling deep wrinkles and modifying facial contours to reveal a smoother, more youthful appearance. Additionally, Sub Skin’s ability to treat conditions such as facial lipoatrophy and scarring caused by HIV, showcases its therapeutic as well as aesthetic value, helping patients regain confidence in their appearance.

Robust Body Shaping Capabilities

Beyond enhancing facial features, Sub Skin excels in body contouring—a medical approach designed to reshape specific body areas. Particularly effective in areas requiring substantial volume, such as the buttocks, Sub Skin offers a powerful solution for sculpting and enhancing body contours. As a non-surgical alternative to more invasive cosmetic procedures, it provides long-lasting and noticeable results. Sub Skin is ideal for sculpting the body where weight loss is insufficient or where significant weight loss has left excess skin, without directly aiding in weight loss itself.

Long-Lasting Results and Patient Satisfaction

The effectiveness of Sub Skin extends beyond immediate visual improvements; its results are durable, maintaining aesthetic enhancements for 9 to 18 months. This enduring impact reduces the need for frequent touch-ups, making Sub Skin a cost-effective and convenient option for patients. Hafiller’s dedication to patient satisfaction is evident in the development of Sub Skin, emphasizing safety, efficacy, and lasting beauty.


Sub Skin by Hafiller redefines the standards for hyaluronic acid fillers in both facial and body contouring applications. With its strong shaping power and versatility, Sub Skin enables patients to achieve their desired aesthetic results effectively and safely. As Hafiller continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in non-surgical cosmetic enhancements, Sub Skin stands as a testament to their innovation and commitment to excellence in the field of aesthetic medicine.

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