Funingpu’s Pharmaceutical Gelatin: The Key Ingredient in Microencapsulation and Electrochemical Plating

Funingpu is a leading producer of pharmaceutical gelatin, offering a wide range of functional properties that are essential to various industries. Among its many applications, Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin is the key ingredient in microencapsulation and electrochemical plating.

Exploring the application functional properties of Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin

Microencapsulation is the process of enclosing small particles or droplets within a shell, typically to protect and control their release. It has uses in a variety of fields, including food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin is an ideal material for microencapsulation due to its high viscosity and film-forming capabilities. These properties allow it to form a barrier around the core material, protecting it from external factors such as temperature, light, and moisture.

Highlighting the versatility and high-quality of Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin for these technical applications

Additionally, Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin is compatible with a wide range of substances, making it a versatile choice for formulators.

Electrochemical plating is another application in which Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin plays a vital role. This process involves depositing a layer of metal onto a conductive surface using an electrolytic cell. The gelatin acts as a binding agent, holding the metal ions in place during the plating process. Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin is particularly useful in this application due to its ability to form stable films that adhere well to both metal surfaces and non-metallic substrates. This makes it an excellent choice for electroplating processes that require precise control over the thickness and uniformity of the deposited layer.

In addition to these technical applications, Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin has a long history of use in photography and adhesives. In photography, gelatin is used as a binder for silver halide crystals in photographic emulsions. Its ability to form a transparent, insoluble film makes it an ideal choice for this application. Similarly, in adhesives, gelatin is often used as a varnish or coating due to its excellent film-forming properties and ability to adhere well to a variety of surfaces.


Overall, Funingpu’s pharmaceutical gelatin is a versatile and high-quality material that has numerous applications in a wide range of industries. Its ability to form stable films, bind metals, and encapsulate substances makes it an essential ingredient for processes ranging from electroplating to microencapsulation and beyond. With its commitment to quality and innovation, Funingpu continues to be a leading provider of pharmaceutical gelatin for technical applications.

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