High Performance Automatic Tablet Counter

Technological innovation and breakthroughs are challenging and time-consuming, especially in the pharmaceutical machine sector. Pharmaceutical packing machinery is a significant component of medicine quality. The pharmaceutical industry’s automatic tablet counters has focused more on research and development at home and abroad, especially in Europe and the U.S.

Automatic Tablet Counter

Medicines can be counted and weighed in two ways. The automatic tablet counter machine integrates a photoelectric motor for counting and filling medicines. Multi-grain granule packing ensures patient safety, facilitates medication, and has a broad market possibility, so it’s extensively used, accounting for more than 80% of the granule packaging market.

Purchasing Notes

As a pharmaceutical industry user, there are various factors should be considered while buying a automatic tablet counter machine.

Compatibility: Many companies have many types and frequent replacements. Therefore compatibility of different dosage forms should be examined;

Anti-dust ability: if the solid preparation creates more powder, can it work stable?

Material protection: unloading and discharging depend on their stability, which reduces material damage and ensures bottling precision;

Preventing medication blocking: certain bottle openings are large, and it’s necessary to prevent blocking;

Detection function: rejecting broken particles, detecting faults, etc.

Stability and reliability are more crucial than speed and precision.


Rapid economic and social development needs enhanced pharmaceutical packaging productivity. Pharmaceutical businesses invest in automatic tablet counter to increase manufacturing efficiency. Machine work improves manufacturing efficiency and reduces labor costs. Pharmapack can help with investment needs.

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