How Can Restaurant Owners Care For Porcelain Dinnerware?

Somtimes you may find it difficult to keep the dinnerware beautiful as the new one. Porcelain dinnerware is especially susceptible to breakage and chipping. This blog post will discuss some tips for restaurant owners who want to take care of their porcelain dinnerware. We have everything you need to keep your porcelain looking beautiful for years to come.

How to Clean Porcelain Dinnerware

There are a few ways to clean porcelain dinnerware. Some people use a dishwasher on the delicate cycle, while others soak it in warm soapy water and vinegar solution. Another way is to scrub it with a stiff brush before washing it with hot soapy water. Finally, you can dry it off completely and then polish it with a polishing cloth or metal polish.

Tips for Preserving Porcelain Dinnerware

Porcelain dinnerware is delicate and can be damaged if not handled properly. Follow these tips to help keep your porcelain dinnerware in good condition:

  1. Keep your porcelain dinnerware clean. Dirt, food residue, and grease will damage the surface of your plates and cups. Clean them with a soft cloth or soap and water before every use.
  2. Avoid extreme temperatures. Porcelain is very sensitive to heat and can quickly become brittle if exposed to high temperatures. Don’t leave your dishes in the sun or in the car on hot days.
  3. Protect your dishes from scratches and bumps. Carefully avoid hitting your plates with knives or forks, and be careful when moving them around the kitchen. When transporting your dishes, wrap them in a dish towel or placemat to prevent damage from being done accidentally.


The atmosphere is everything when it comes to running a successful restaurant. If your guests don’t feel at home, they will quickly leave – no matter how delicious the food might be. One way to create an ambiance that encourages diners to stick around and enjoy their meal is by taking care of your porcelain dinnerware. More importantly, the restaurant owners should choose the most suitable and high-quality porcelain dinnerware that Golfe Industry can offer.

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