How To Get Biometric Authentication From The House Of KuCoin

Security and safety are essential points when it comes to cryptocurrency trading. This is why the top 1 altcoin exchange, Kucoin, offers outstanding security for their users and the assets owned by their users. Kucoin utilizes several methods to ensure this safety for millions of users and their assets, including using a very sophisticated security system with the latest technology. A professional IT security team handles that. There is also biometric authentication, as well as two-factor authentication. In this article, we will talk about getting biometric authentication on Kucoin so you can browse for SOL prices and ADA prices safely. Moreover, the kucoin started back from 2017 and headquartered is Seychelles has range of reputable appreciations. Hence, thousand sof people each day wants to get attached with kucoin and kucoin with this aim has called up with an biometric action. So, let’s go and study biometric authentication from kucoin.

Why Is Biometric Authentication Good?

For The Users

For users, biometric authentication ensures they are not losing their assets to hackers or tampering. It also ensures that the user carries out the transactions when trading coins or NFTs. To confirm this, the app often asks for touch ID identification when carrying out the transaction.

For The Trading Platform

For platforms, it is essential. When your trading platform deals with millions of users, billions of coins, NFTs, and the user’s money, possibly worth billions, it is necessary that your security system is bulletproof and failproof to prevent any losses or damages caused by negligence. This is why Kucoin uses biometric authentication for its users, which you can easily set up in the app settings.

How Does Biometric Authentication Work?

Biometric authentication generally uses features unique to the user, such as their face, their voice, their fingerprints, and the likes. Kucoin does this with several things, one using an intelligent face identification system, and it uses Touch ID identification on the app. Both the app and the website use Google’s 2-factor authorization for log-in security.

The intelligent face identification system is set up the first time with a few angles of your face, identifying your facial structure, then recording it in its security database. Afterward, when you want to log in or carry out transactions, you need to use that and show your face, to finish the transaction.

How To Get Biometric Authentication?

Getting biometric authentication on kucoin is quite simple. For the Kucoins app, you can use the Touch ID feature, which identifies you using your fingerprint. Suppose your phone has a fingerprint reading option. In that case, all you have to do is set it up in your phone’s settings, go to the kucoin app, click on your initials on the top left icon, go to security, scroll down, and click on Touch ID to enable it. Voila, you have set up biometric authentication. It is as simple as that but very effective at deterring hackers and scammers.

Is Biometric Authentication Safe?

1 in every 4 crypto traders uses Kucoin, biometric authentication, and other latest technologies to ensure no information is leaked or sold to third parties.

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