Make Your Kids More Than Happy: Action Air Bounce House

Bounce houses are one of the go-to gifts that parents give their children in celebration of a milestone or as a surprise. However, the traditional bounce houses which are fixed and heavy are not always easy to prepare and put up, especially when you need someone who can erect and take down the device. However, with the technology of Action Air, which produces high-quality bounce houses for kids, it has been made easier than ever! Take a glance at the bounce house made by Action Air.

Easily Installation Within 4 Steps

No spanners or screwdrivers are needed! Action Air provides you with super easy installation. You can set up a bounce house for kids within 4 steps, including calling them to come. Just stretch the product, inflate it with the air blower, secure it with stakes, and finally, invite your kids to try this on. Super easy, just throw the stereotype of time-consuming installation of the bounce house.

Additionally, Action Air provides a high-resolution PDF of the user’s manual on their website, no need of keeping the hardcopy and seek it when is needed.

Long Warranty

Action Air provides 90 days of warranty for bounce house products. Any time you got a problem, you can turn to the professional customer service team for help. The service team will provide premium service at [email protected].

BREAKING NEWS: Back-to-school bash! Surprised your kiddos with endless fun! $20 bonus on orders $200 for new sign-up members and free shipping!

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