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Maximize Your Cycling Performance with Fitcare’s BC108 GPS Bike Computer

The Fitcare bike computer BC108 is an innovative cycling companion that caters to both beginners and seasoned riders. Offering a user-friendly setup and a diverse range of features, this smart fitness sensor is designed to enhance people’s cycling abilities and elevate their riding experience to new heights in no time.

Advanced Training Assistance

The BC108 Professional Training GPS Bike Computer by Fitcare stands out for its dual satellite positioning systems supporting GPS and Beidou technologies. The 2.3-inch anti-glare screen ensures excellent visibility under sunlight, while the automatic backlight feature guarantees clear display of riding data in large fonts, even during night rides. With compatibility with various peripherals such as ANT+ heart rate monitors, speed sensors, cadence sensors, and power meters, this wireless bike computer is a comprehensive training tool for cyclists.

Intelligent Backlight Technology

The Fitcare BC108 GPS bike computer automatically adjusts its backlight based on ambient light conditions, ensuring optimal visibility whether you’re cycling during the day in bright sunlight or at night in low light situations. This intelligent feature keeps the screen image clear and legible, enhancing the user experience and making the GPS bike computer a smart and intuitive choice for cyclists seeking reliable performance tracking.

Seamless Connectivity and Data Storage

Fitcare’s BC108 GPS cycling computer allows cyclists to connect multiple peripheral sensors, including heart rate sensors, speed sensors, cadence sensors, and power meters, through ANT+ technology. Additionally, the device stores sports data files in the “FIT” format with an impressive 8-megabyte built-in storage capacity, capable of continuously recording up to 80 hours of sports data. This seamless connectivity and extensive data storage capacity enable cyclists to track, analyze, and optimize their performance effectively.


In conclusion, the Fitcare BC108 GPS bike computer is a versatile and advanced smart fitness sensor that caters to cyclists’ training and performance needs. With its high-sensitivity GPS chip, automatic sensing backlight, multiple sensor connectivity options, and comprehensive sports data storage capabilities, the BC108 is a valuable tool for cyclists looking to enhance their riding experience and improve their training outcomes.

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