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Reliable and Efficient Poultry Lighting with Hontech Wins

Founded in 2009, Hontech Wins is a leading provider of innovative LED lighting solutions for agricultural applications. They focus on developing high-quality products tailored to the unique needs of poultry and livestock farmers. Their lighting systems are designed to optimize animal welfare and production yields through advanced research and partnerships with customers worldwide.

Experts in Poultry Lighting Technology

As experts in LED lighting for barns and animal housing, they understand the stringent demands of these environments. Hontech Wins has over a decade of experience working closely with poultry producers. Their technical team has extensive expertise in optimizing light spectra and developing robust fixtures able withstand harsh cleaning chemicals and wet conditions. Farmers can rely on their products to perform reliably for 50,000 hours or more while reducing energy costs year after year.

Introducing the VITO Flicker Free LED Bulbs

One of their most popular products is the VITO Flicker Free LED Bulbs designed specifically for poultry applications. It delivers flicker free light to chickens without the health and productivity risks associated with older bulb types. The VITO bulb easily upgrades existing lamps and its sturdy polycarbonate construction stands up to high pressure washing and chemicals. Farmers benefit from simpler LED conversions without rewiring, increased yield from healthier flocks, and long term energy savings.


In a word´╝îthrough continued innovation guided by agricultural experts, Hontech Wins is transforming modern livestock operations with versatile, high-quality lighting and monitoring systems farmers can trust to maximize production efficiently.

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