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The Soaring Market Growth of Foldable Electric Scooters by QMY

The electric scooter market is experiencing a remarkable surge in growth, driven by the increasing demand for eco-friendly and efficient transportation options. Among the various segments of electric scooters, foldable models have gained significant popularity. This article will explore the market’s exponential growth and projections, highlighting the rising prominence of foldable electric scooters. Discover the future of urban mobility and the QMY TK1, a foldable electric scooter that combines convenience, performance, and sustainability.

As per market reports, the international market for electric scooters is estimated to hit an astounding USD 37.44 billion by 2028. Projected to experience a 13% cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) between 2022 and 2028, the market is primed for significant growth. The increasing attention towards ecological issues and the demand for economical and effective means of transportation have significantly boosted the popularity of electric scooters worldwide. Within the variety of available options, foldable models have become a top pick due to their small size and ease of portability.

As a pioneer in the electric scooter industry, QMY is at the forefront of market growth. Their flagship model, the QMY TK1, caters to the evolving needs of urban commuters. With a 43km (27 miles) maximum range and top speed of 35km/h (21mph), it strikes the perfect balance between performance and convenience. Its foldable design allows for effortless storage and portability, making it an excellent choice for daily commutes or traveling purposes. QMY prides itself on its state-of-the-art production facility spanning 4000 square meters and an annual output of 50,000 units sold globally. Boasting seven years of experience in electric scooter manufacturing and a team of 120 dedicated R&D professionals, QMY is committed to providing top-quality scooters that meet the highest standards.

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