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Unleashing Power and Efficiency with EvoTec Power’s TH428 High-Voltage Series Generator

EvoTec Power has made significant strides in the research and development of high-voltage alternators, resulting in the creation of the TH428 High-Voltage Series Generator. With its independent intellectual property rights and cutting-edge innovations, EvoTec Power introduces a new generation of high-efficiency and high-output generator products. This article explores the key features and advantages of EvoTec’s TH428 High-Voltage Series Generator, emphasizing its significance as an electric generator.

Unleashing High-Voltage Power

With a maximum voltage of 13800V, the EvoTec Power TH428 High-Voltage Series Generator can support generators with outstanding power output. This generator is perfect for simple continuous operation in 11KV generator systems, with a maximum power output of 1500kVA. The exceptional energy conversion efficiency of the generator, which ensures maximum power generation while minimizing energy waste, indicates EvoTec’s dedication to quality. A dependable and practical option for high-voltage power requirements is the TH428 Series.

Enhanced Efficiency and Durability

EvoTec Power ensures that the TH428 High-Voltage Series Generator has features that improve its longevity and efficiency. Because of its excellent ventilation and heat dissipation design, the generator can operate at peak efficiency even under stressful circumstances. Stability and reliability are increased even further with the optional double-bearing arrangement. This generator provides improved intrusion prevention with high protection class ratings ranging from IP21 to IP54, guaranteeing durability and dependability. The marine varnish covering adds another degree of defence, increasing the generator’s helpful life.


The TH428 High-Voltage Series Generator from EvoTec Power is a noteworthy advancement in high-voltage generator technology. EvoTec Power produces an electric generator that is very efficient and produces a lot of power thanks to its independent intellectual property rights and commitment to research and development. The TH428 Series offers remarkable power output up to 13800V and facilitates simple, continuous operation in 11KV generator systems. With superior energy conversion efficiency, improved ventilation and heat dissipation, optional double-bearing arrangement, high protection class ratings, and marine varnish coating, this generator guarantees optimal performance, durability, and longer service life. Businesses searching for dependable and effective power solutions in high-voltage applications may consider EvoTec Power’s electric generator.

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