What Qualities Does The ER26500 Battery Possess?

The ER26500 battery is intended to be a dependable and cost-effective choice for supplying power to crucial equipment in various circumstances. Learn more about this battery’s features from our series on them, as well as some other crucial things to consider before choosing if it’s the right battery for you.

What features does the ER26500 battery have?

The ER26500 battery is a Li-SOCl2 battery that is frequently found in GPS units, smart meters, and other devices. The advantages of this kind of battery over other kinds include a longer lifespan and a larger capacity. Other characteristics of this battery include the following:

  1. Wide temperature application, able to adjust to temperature settings between -60 degrees Celsius and 85 degrees Celsius, and, if it is specially designed, is even able to adapt to temperatures as high as 150 degrees Celsius.
  2. Having high specific energies that can reach 650 Wh/kg
  3. A long service life with the capacity to maintain a high level of performance for a long time
  4. It runs at a smooth 3.6 volts and the voltage is steady and constant.
  5. Has a low rate of internal discharge and may be kept in storage for an extended period.
  6. The vast selection of supported apps enables the capacity to create bespoke solutions for a wide range of application situations.

What is the best ER26500 battery to choose for your project?

Make sure the ER26500 battery you’re thinking about is appropriate for devices. Making sure that the battery you purchase will function is vital since not all batteries are compatible with all devices. In addition to compatibility, you should think carefully about the vendor you’re buying from. Many businesses are selling ER26500 batteries, so do your homework to be sure you’re buying from a reliable supplier and receiving a high-quality product.


The ER26500 is an excellent battery for many uses. It may be utilized in a variety of temperatures and has a large capacity. Additionally, it is simple to use and cost-effective. The EVE ER26500 battery is a viable option if you want a dependable battery for your next project.

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