A COB LED Display: What Is It?

A certain amount of time must pass before COB LED displays are achieved. According to the terms of the contract with the enterprise application ad unit, there is no set price for the time it takes to construct and deploy. Without any difficulties and in ideal circumstances, the building might be finished in less than two weeks.

Implementation might take a month, three months, or even longer. In general, billboards ought to be erected before or more than a month before a marketing campaign. To minimize your danger and prevent interfering with your outside activities, make sure you have enough time.

What advantages can COB LED displays offer?

  1. amplify brand awareness

The criteria for COB LED displays’ aesthetics are quite strict since they frequently occur in urban centers. Beautiful billboards usually capture the eye and make viewers actively recall the brand, making it simple for them to recognize the one that is featured in the advertisement.

  1. introduce fresh goods

Panoramic advertising always occurs in areas with a high population density, is seen more frequently, and reaches a fairly sizable portion of the audience. Therefore, promotions advertising new items are ideal for using billboards.

  1. Bring in more clients and boost conversions

The COB LED display and relatively big dimensions make it possible for a magnificent billboard to be seen by everyone. From there, it is simple to excite clients and persuade them to buy more products from the companies promoted on Pano.

  1. Numerous more tools are integrated with COB LED displays.

The integration of outdoor billboards with other media and technologies is simple. Outdoor ads in a variety of formats, such as bus and taxi advertisements, can be placed simultaneously. Particularly, it is simple for advertising to show in films and photos of numerous individuals, which are subsequently shared online.


Decorating public event areas with LED displays would be a terrific idea, whether you buy them or rent them. The LED display, an effective and contemporary source of mass information that is highly significant to residents, can play weather, exchange rates, breaking news, and other information. Full flip-chip common cathode COB, all-pixel LED panel from the Black Spirit line by LP Display. One platform makes upgrades quicker and simpler. Are you ecstatic? then get in touch with us right away.

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