Cosmos Upgraded to Stargate: Another 2017 ICO Vision Nearly Completes

Stargate represents an important milestone for the Cosmos project in launching the blockchain communication (IBC) protocol that will allow more than 200 Tendermint-based blockchains to work together easily. The era of cross-pollinated blockchains is almost here.

Stargate also allows for a number of other enhancements. The chain will run more efficiently, upgrades will be much faster, and full nodes will be able to sync faster.

“Stargate is upgrading all the software that makes IBC possible for ATOM, but there is an additional management recommendation before the tokens are transferred to and from the Hub,” Iqlusion founder Zaki Manian told CoinDesk in an email.

At least two weeks before the IBC goes into effect, but the software to implement it is now in place.

“The Foamspace team is excited for the Stargate Launch coming to the Cosmos Hub, a crucial moment for the blockchain ecosystem that enables the FOAM Proof of Location radio protocol to be fully realized with global scalability and local consensus,” says Ryan John King, CEO of FOAM, CoinDesk in an e-mail.

Kava’s team is cautiously optimistic about Stargate. “Before IBC adoption takes place, we must run and review a robust series of internal tests to make sure it interacts with the Kava blockchain as intended. Kava’s CEO, Brian Kerr, told CoinDesk that after this is accomplished, Kava will be the IBC. is excited to release the integration of.

Another founder told CoinDesk that it was being sold specifically in the Cosmos cross-chain vision.

Neeraj Murarka, CTO of the decentralized dapp data storage company Bluzelle, told CoinDesk in an email: “The main reason I chose Cosmos to use the technology in my company was the planned interoperability between different Cosmos regions. “I wasn’t just interested in a quiet network my company ran. Interoperability is a huge advantage.”

Yet his interest did not end there. Also the ability to scale to many users and many ecosystems. “One of the most important advantages I want to use with Stargate and IBC is scalability. It is very difficult to scale blockchains, Murarka wrote.” He hopes Cosmos will enable Bluzelle to reach applications on many chains.

Kerr from Kava took a similar note: “Once IBC is integrated, Kava will be able to rapidly expand to hundreds of new blockchains and users. We expect IBC to be a major catalyst in driving growth to the Kava platform. “

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