6 Things to Check in Vingo App

If you have used the famous fitness app, Vingo then you might have already known that it is a fast growing app. At the same time, there are many reasons why this app is getting famous by the day. If you are new to the app or even the whole fitness landscape then you should read this for sure. You will get to know the important things to look for in this app. Even if you use other apps, check out for the following and then start paying your subscription fee. If the following are missing then you should switch your app for an overall better experience.

Virtual Reality & Virtual World

The app creates a virtual world where you can workout. As of now, virtual reality is in its infancy but with the app, you can enjoy the virtual world with the latest visual experience.You don’t need anything fancy to do this. Your ordinary mobile phone or laptop will do. If you have goggles that are specialised for VR, then they can also be used.

Shared World for Better Exercise Experience

Another important aspect of the app is that you can enjoy the exercise with your friends and the Vingo app enables shared world experience. That is when your family or friend joins this app, you can run along with them. Imagine playing an online game with your friends. This is similar to that but instead of moving around by pressing the keys on your keyboard, you will be running on your treadmill. 

Global Connectivity for Best Reach

The app can be used by anyone who has internet connectivity. So, even if your friend lives in a different continent, you can still be connected with them through the internet. The shared world experience makes it easy for you to chat with them while running or cycling. The app comes with a voice chat option, so anyone who is also running close to you can listen to what you speak. 

Ease of Usage – Anyone Can Use It

There are no inhibitions to using this app. Anyone interested in getting better at running or cycling can start using this app. If you are training for a marathon or a cycling competition it is the ideal place for you to train with your friends. In fact, you can also compete in online tournaments to check your progress against others. 

Better Personalisation of the App

The app allows easy and quick personalisation. You can just upload your photo or take a selfie with the app and the rest will be done by the app. It will create a digital avatar for you that will run / walk or move when you do the same in the real world. Similarly, you can also take a dog along with you into the digital world.

Versatile Usage – Cycle or Run 

The app has many more interesting features that you have to check out. If you have not already understood, it is also an app for running routes and you can easily use it for your daily exercises.

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