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Enhance Antenna Testing Precision with the SUNYIELD SY-CATR Compact Range Measurement System

Comprehensive Millimeter Wave Detection and Measurement

The SUNYIELD compact range antenna measurement System is specifically designed for precise millimeter wave detection and measurement. With its broad frequency range support from 2GHz up to 200GHz, the SY-CATR series empowers engineers and researchers to conduct comprehensive testing across various millimeter wave applications. From automotive radars to millimeter wave military/police radar products and civilian millimeter wave antennas, including reflector antennas and 5G communication antennas, the SY-CATR system offers the flexibility and accuracy required for effective testing and evaluation.

Optimal Experimental Environments for Millimeter Wave Radar Testing

The SY-CATR series is available in different sizes, enabling the setup of excellent experimental environments specifically tailored for millimeter wave radar testing and design. This allows engineers and researchers to create ideal conditions for accurate and reliable measurements. By utilizing the SY-CATR system, organizations can optimize their testing setup, ensuring precise and repeatable results. The system’s compact range design minimizes unwanted reflections and external interference, enhancing the accuracy of the measurements and enabling engineers to make informed design decisions.


When it comes to compact range antenna measurement for millimeter wave detection, the SUNYIELD SY-CATR Compact Range Measurement System is the solution of choice. With its wide frequency range support from 2GHz up to 200GHz, the SY-CATR series caters to a diverse range of millimeter wave applications, including automotive radars, millimeter wave military/police radar products, and civilian millimeter wave antennas. The system’s ability to create optimal experimental environments ensures accurate and reliable measurements, empowering engineers and researchers to validate designs, optimize performance, and drive innovation in millimeter wave technologies. Trust SUNYIELD’s SY-CATR Compact Range Measurement System to enhance the precision and effectiveness of your antenna testing processes.

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