How much does skewer lot 2 cost? Save money when playing lottery

Lot How much does 2 skewers eat? is one of the most asked questions when players learn about cross lotteries. For those of you who are new to playing lottery and don’t know much about calculations or how to play, let’s learn more through the content shared by 6789BET below.

What is double lotteries?

With the popular form of playing cross-lottery in lottery, cross-lottery 2 is the form that many bettors pay attention to. Everyone also knows that 2-way lottery is easy to win and has a high winning rate. Many lottery experts have been able to prosper quickly in just a short period of time, without much concern at all.

How to play lotto 2 is quite simple, you just need to predict which 2 numbers will appear in the lottery results. In that set of numbers, if you win both numbers, you win the bet, but if you only get 1, you lose the bet. Just with this alone, many of you really want to know the numbersHow much does 2 skewers eat?, is it enough to cover losses or not?

Those who are new to cross-lottery are still a bit confused and don’t know how to bet and divide their capital appropriately to be able to successfully win and win a lot of money. But sometimes when playing, you should be careful, it’s not always as lucky and easy to win as you think.

How much does skewer lot 2 cost?

Lottery 2 is so hot because it’s easy to win, placing bets is easy and the reward rate is high. Then the problem comes: how much does Lotto 2 win? The way to calculate the 2nd cross in each region will not be the same, so the winning rate for the 2nd cross is given Lottery The domains are of course not the same.

When playing lotto 2, use up to 2 pairs of lotto and these 2 numbers will have to be the last numbers of the prize when drawn. For the Northern lot, there will be 27 lots, for the Central and Southern stations there will be 18 lots. So to answer the question of how much the 2nd lotteries win, there will be different calculation methods, let’s take a look:

How much does skewer lot 2 cost – Northern region

Northern 2-way lottery will be calculated according to the results of the lottery opening in the Northern region. Accordingly, with the number of prizes having 27 numbers, the return rate of 1 number will be 23.67%. When playing lottery number 2 and want to know how much lottery number 2 will win, you will calculate with the formula: 23.67% x 23.67% = 5.6% (in case you bet on the winning number).

If you play in the traditional way, you bet at Northern dealers, the odds of winning 2 parlays are 1 to 10. This also means that when you bet 1 point, the winning result will be 10 times more. bet. And each point corresponds to 23K.

When playing at some reputable online bookmakers, the winning rate for 2nd cross can be increased up to 40 times the bet. That means if you bet 10 points, you will receive 40 x 230K = 9,200K (Nine million two hundred thousand dong).

Odds of 2-way lottery when playing in the South and Central

For the Central and Southern lotteries, the total numbers appearing is only 18, not 27 like the Northern lottery. Therefore, the possibility of winning when playing 2 parlays in these two areas is not as high as in the North.

Regarding the issue of how much to win if you play 2-way lottery, the probability of guessing 2-way lottery is only about 3.24%. However, because the chance of winning is lower, the reward rate when playing lotto 2 in these two regions will be higher than in the North.

When betting on double lotteries at the dealer, you will be able to have the same odds of winning double lotteries when playing in the Central and Southern regions with 1 to 30. Each point corresponds to 29K and can be reduced from 0.5 to 1K depending on location. Usually agents will limit the number of points from 1 to 100K. However, many lot owners have great financial potential and will be able to create conditions for you to bet from a few hundred to a few thousand points.

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Methods of catching skewed lotteries 2

Methods for you to learn to compete with other players. Even though you know how much you can win when playing 2-way lottery, you also know how to calculate it. But this is not a God-given opportunity, you must know how to grasp it. Only by having the right experiences and methods for picking 2nd cross lotteries can you predict successfully and accurately.

Below is a summary of how to catch 2-way lottery for everyone to learn and follow to upgrade their skills.

Predict 2-way lottery according to pairs that often appear together

With this method, experts rate it extremely highly, everyone can play based on the daily lottery results table. For pairs that often appear, often go together in the same results table. Common numbers are: 34 and 67, 32 and 21, 89 and 09, 17 and 87, 70 and 07, 19 and 62, 43 and 54,…

Each person often has different calculation methods, but to win big results, you must experience them yourself. When playing this way, you should pay attention to the important time which is the last 15 days, the maximum farming time is only 7 days.

Based on the frequency of the numbers

Picking 2-way lottery like this will increase your winning percentage. The way to do it is similar, you must have a lottery statistics table in hand, observe and analyze. Of course, there must also be a time limit, it should only be done within about 15 days, not farther. Because beyond that time threshold, the numbers that appear no longer follow the old rules.

At the same time, if you check in advance for the next day, you can choose the numbers with high odds and save them for betting the next day. At this time, the farming time should not exceed 7 days. If you do not win, continue to wait and start again from the beginning, you must be patient.

Calculate the cross lottery according to the results of prize 7

This 7 lottery solution method can be applied to all 3 lotteries in the North, Central and South. For the Central and South regions, there is only one 7th prize, while the North chooses 7th prize first. Players use this number in combination with the first or last 2 numbers of the special prize to create a pair of cross-lotteries.

Frequently asked questions

In addition to wondering how much the 2nd lotteries win, new players also have many other problems surrounding the 2nd lotteries. So below is a summary of answers to the most commonly asked questions. , please take a look.

How much does 1 point of lotto 2 cost?

1 point of 2nd cross will usually have a winning ratio of 1:10, some bookmakers also give 2nd winning odds of 1:17. That means if you win 2 parlays, you will receive a betting bonus 10 times or 17 times the initial bet amount depending on the bookmaker.

How much does 100,000 VND cost in lot 2?

If you win 100k 2-way lotto in the North, you will win 10 times, meaning you will receive 1 million betting bonuses. Minus the initial bet of 100k, you will get 900k. When playing in the South, the bonus will be higher at 1:29. When calculating the money, you will receive a bet 29 times higher than the capital invested. The money earned will be equal to the winnings minus the bet capital.


This is the end of the content about cross lotteries, answering for you guys about the issue of how much the 2nd cross lotto wins, as well as tips related to playing 2nd cross lotto. Hopefully with the content shared above This can help everyone. Don’t forget to follow to update more content with related topics.


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