Three Cards | Top card game at bookmaker New88

Three cards is a masterpiece card game with rewards Recently attracted strong customers at Neu88. This attractive game receives a lot of attention from gamers every day.

If you are very curious about how to easily play this game from the first time, you should read this entire article.

What are three cards?

Three cards is an attractive game, similar to Vietnamese Three Cards but in fact they originate from China.

Our task when playing is to receive 3 cards and compare them with other opponents to find out who is the winner.

Three card cards are similar to some folk card games in our country, used a lot during Tet holidays for entertainment purposes.

Nowadays, this is one of the indispensable card game masterpieces at bookmaker casinos so that we can easily enjoy playing the game.

This prize exchange card game is also considered to have simple rules, easy to play and high rewards, making it even more attractive.

In particular, they have the same gameplay as the Dragon Tiger game but with a little mix ofPoker so it will make you unable to keep your hands off the game.

How to play Three card game for people who don’t know anything

Three card is one of the card games that is quite easy to play with simple rules. However, you will encounter big errors if you do not read the following rules carefully:

(1) How to deal cards

True to its name, the Three Card hand will be dealt to each side with 3 cards. The number of cards will be divided equally into two sides: Dragon door and Phoenix door and we can easily place bets.

(2) How to bet

When we play, bettors need to pay attention to how to place bets. So how can you bet on 3-card cards accurately and effectively?

The way to bet on three-card cards is considered quite easy to play when we just need to bet and one of the two main doors is Dragon and Phoenix.

Use the chips available on the betting table, move to the bet you predicted and confirm it is successful.

(3) Game rules

After dealing Dragon and Phoenix three cards to each side, we will place bets according to the prescribed time. You can only choose to bet on Dragon or Phoenix to predict which side will score higher.

After the player has finished betting, the dealer will proceed with the Dragon and Phoenix cards.

In case both bets have the same number of points, the player will have their bet refunded by the house. Details on how to calculate points will be shared with you below.

(4) How to calculate points

To calculate points when playing Three Cards, we can refer to the order of the special cards in the following order from largest to smallest:

  • Three of a kind: Simply put, three cards of equal value, for example 333.
  • Straight flush: A term for 3 consecutive cards of the same suit.
  • Flush: Simply consecutive cards but does not need to be of the same suit.
  • Straight: A term for three cards of the same suit but not consecutive.
  • Pair: refers to a pair of two cards.
  • High card: Different from the combinations mentioned above and is made up of the largest cards.

Then both Dragon and Phoenix will compare points based on three cards. The above cases will have priority. If both sides have Three of a kind, they will continue to compare to the value, for example 333 < 777.

How to play Three cars online at New88

As shared above, New88 is a high-class bookmaker licensed by Pagcor Philippines so it is extremely safe.

In addition, the Three card game is also provided by famous distributors, ensuring a very unique game.

To be able to participate in card games at New88, you need to make sure you have completed the following steps:

Step 1: Accessdealer New88 to register an online account. If you don’t know how to register for a New88 account, you can refer to:REGISTER New88

Step 2: Log in => Deposit money in the most suitable way and consider receiving rewards from the house.

Step 3: Go to Casino => select the Three card card game and proceed to choose the bet level.

We will then place a bet on one of the two Dragon and Phoenix numbers within a specific period of time after three cards are dealt to each side. Next, New88 will compare the results of Dragon and Phoenix.

Finally, the system announces the results to see which side wins and gives you a reward. A game will take place in 20 – 30 seconds so it’s quite quick to earn money.

Experience playing Three cards without losing, you should know

To be able to participate in playing the Three card card game, we need to refer to some specific playing experiences to easily win.

Below are some strategies to help you easily redeem rewards when playing with New88 right now.

  • First, players need to be really calm before betting and not be disturbed by other players’ decisions.
  • Besides, while playing, make sure you are fully familiar with the rules of the game. This can help us avoid making mistakes while betting.
  • Players also need to make sure they set financial goals before participating. This can help you more easily control your money and easily conquer the game with the highest profit.
  • The next playing experience is to learn winning secrets from other players. This is an effective method so we can easily win.
  • We should receive incentives from the house because this way we have more capital to start the game.
  • Always stop when the wire is black to reconsider the strategy you are using.
  • Applying farming methods promises to bring high profits. However, you should only play when you have a decent amount of capital and have a detailed money table.
  • Do not play more than 2 bets at the same time to avoid capital dispersion.

FAQ when playing Three card betting

To help rookies play cards more effectively, here is some other basic information.

(1) Is playing Three cards really difficult?

This type of card game has the easiest rules among the popular card games today, so we can choose it with peace of mind. Just follow along and try it out, it won’t be difficult at all.

(2) Will the bookmaker refund bets in case of a draw?

If the two sides have equal results, the house will refund the player’s bet.

(3) What experience helps us play cards most effectively?

There are many good ways to increase your winning rate and if you are unclear, you should re-read the above section.

(4) Is the reward level when playing three-card cards at New88 high?

You can be completely assured that the house’s bonus level is not inferior to other three-card card playing addresses today. In addition, there are many other attractive promotions.

(5) Is it easy to win prizes when playing Three cards?

The basic chance of winning when playing cards is up to 50%.

Overall, Three cards is a game version that you should try because of its novelty and specialness.

This is considered one of the types of card games with simple gameplay and gives players wonderful moments of entertainment.

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