What is folk play? Instructions on how to play and experience

Certainly the most chosen card game among online red and black games in Vietnam. According to comments from professional players, then How to play Chan folk Not too difficult and requires a lot of technical factors. However, if you want to play block well and always win, you need to clearly understand the rules and how to play block from basic to advanced. Read the article below to better understand this card game!
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What is a card?

The card game originated from the ancient tom tom card game, also known as block the courtyard. Therefore, the way to play Chan folk is similar to shrimp nest but many details are omitted.

Play Free folk shield handed down from generation to generation, up to now they have been improved to be simpler but still retain the traditional and modern features. This has contributed to creating the spiritual beauty and cultural identity of the Vietnamese people. A deck of cards consists of 25 cards with 100 cards. Each shield will have 4 similar cards. This card has both pictures and words.

Rules for playing basic folk Chan

Although the way to play block is considered simple, for new players, it is necessary to spend time and effort to learn. Detailed instructions on how to play blocking below will help players clearly understand the rules as well as how to play blocking and calculate basic penalties.

How to play Chan folk includes 2 basic forms depending on the number of participants. Among them, the secret type is the most popular, so the number of players in the block will include 4 people. In particular, the total number of cards that will be dealt to each person includes 19 cards, the remaining cards will be placed in the center of the members called Nocturnal cards.

Instructions on how to play Chan folk card game

Each round will divide the cards into 5 parts, after dividing, the last 5 cards will remain. The player will take these 5 odd cards and combine them with any cards to create a Venom card. Possible card combinations depend on the winner of the previous hand. Next, 1 card in the deck will be randomly drawn by the player, and the player will continue to open any other card in the remaining 4 decks.

Next, the members proceed to draw cards and determine who has the right to go first as well as who belongs to the first hand of cards. If the blocking game has 4 participants, the corresponding positions will be arranged from left to right. How to play Chan folk The standard is that people in positions 2 and 4 must sit diagonally from each other.

For the second player to draw the seven thousand card, it will be counted as 1 if counting from B and counted as 7 if counting from D. Thus, the remainder of the card will be counted as D. Each remaining player will In turn, they are dealt the cards next to the main card. The part on the right side of the card is player number 1, the next part is number 2 and 3 and 4 respectively.

Similar to other forms of card games, the arrangement of cards in the card game must contain all forms of card, card, lame and three-headed. In particular, 2 cards of the same suit will be called block, 3 cards of different suits but the same number will be called 3 heads and 2 cards of the same suit with the same number will be called sha. The remaining cards that cannot combine are called hexagrams.

Experience playing Chan folk is easy to win

To be able to participate in the effective blocking game experience, we need to equip ourselves with experience to easily win. Below are a few effective ways to play Chan that we all need to know if we want to play well.

Understand and remember sharp moves in blocking play

If a player appears with cards that have special points, it is called a Strike. At that time, the player will receive an additional bet. If you are a rookie, just starting to learn how to play folk Chan, you should clearly understand the sharp kicks. Because this is a difficult definition with many implications.
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How to remember cards quickly in the card game

For those who have been playing blocking for a long time, they understand it clearly how to play sure How to find a way to read, understand and memorize the entire identity. To do this well, players need to practice blocking many times. In addition, you should create the minimum conditions yourself to be able to create sharp colors.

When playing block, players should keep the combination table they have researched right next to them for comparison when needed.

Giving priority to the checkmate card is a smart way to play blocking

Once you have grasped the concept and how to play basic folk games, you can confidently experience the game in practice. If there is a possibility of a bust, there is no need to worry too much because this is not a risky way to play in a sure bet. Because, it is certainly a card game that requires a high level of intelligence, but not all risky strategies are easy to apply. Even if the player applies the card incorrectly, he will lose the bet or have a huge point deduction. This causes your chance of winning to return to 0.

Furthermore, in the folk way of playing Chan The use of inertial card positions also has a great advantage of achieving a high level of safety. Because, this not only helps the player easily wait for a buzz through drawing Venom cards, but also has the ability to pick up another person’s card to hit and end the game quickly.

The mentality is both hold and release

When playing the game, we will see that the gameplay of this game is quite more complicated than other types of games. So players need to keep themselves calm and relaxed to be able to play the game effectively. However, that does not mean that in the process of playing block, we will ignore concentration.

Professional blocking players need to always be really calm but still need to be vigilant. If you do not take precautions when participating in block play, your opponent will take advantage of your weakness to win against you. This folk way of playing Chan will help you easily win when playing cards.

How to play Chan folk effectively with a lot of capital

To be able to play block effectively, we need to equip ourselves with a reasonable amount of capital. This is also one how to play sure Extremely effective that we can participate in attractive games.

Especially when you have extremely high capital, you can easily participate in playing the game in a great way. Surely this is a great playing experience that we cannot ignore.

Know when to stop when playing to block losses

When participating in playing Chan, we not only understand clearly how to play traditional Chan but also know when we should choose to stop. Playing Chan easily makes us feel fascinated, but we should not always be infatuated with this game, leading to ruin and ruin.


Although it is a traditional card game, it attracts more attention from young people than older people. If the players clearly understand how to play Chan folk Based on the above mentioned basics, this card game will be an entertainment subject with extremely high rewards.

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