How to choose the right hemoperfusion cartridge

There are many factors to consider when purchasing a hemoperfusion cartridge, such as price, reliability, and type. In this article, find out what to look for to make an informed decision.

Hemoperfusion (HP) is a kind of blood purification that introduces the patient’s blood into a perfusion device equipped with a solid adsorbent. It removes exogenous or endogenous toxins, drugs, or metabolic wastes that cannot be removed by dialysis in the blood through adsorption. It is mainly used to rescue drugs and poison poisoning and can also be combined with hemodialysis to remove macromolecular toxins in patients with chronic renal failure on maintenance dialysis.

When purchasing a hemoperfusion cartridge, it is important to consider the following factors:

-Type. Mainly divided into activated carbon infuser and disposable resin infuser. For example, the resin hemoperfusion sorbent is a macroporous neutral resin divided into 80 to 350 according to the different loading. Its application is consistent with the activated carbon perfusion device. The small model 80~130 is mainly used for dialysis series perfusion for molecular adsorption in uremia. For example, 150~280 is used in the adsorption of poisoning toxins, and 280~330 is used in immunoadsorption and liver disease.

– Reliability. It is very important to pay attention when buying if the supplier has good reviews already too many complaints and guarantees the quality of the product.

-Cost: Consider how often you need to replace the cartridges and how much it will cost before buying.

If you are looking for a hemoperfusion cartridge, I recommend contacting Jafron. Jafron has international quality certifications such as CE, ISO, EN ISO13485, and China GMP national certification. It has an automated production line for blood perfusion cartridges. If you consider having them, don’t hesitate to contact Jafron to learn more details.

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