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Optimize Pickup Truck Storage with NewStar’s Universal Adjustable Aluminum Racks

Introduced by NewStar, a top producer of aluminum racks for pickup trucks, is the NS-ATR01, a multipurpose and simple-to-install truck ladder rack. With a high weight capacity of 800 lbs, this adjustable rack is made for universal pickup trucks and requires no drilling for installation. NewStar’s aluminum racks offer a dependable and effective storage option thanks to its excellent metal structure and suitability for various vehicle types. Brands, brick-and-mortar hardware stores, and online retailers selling on Amazon can rely on NewStar to provide premium pickup truck aluminum racks that satisfy their clients’ demands.

NewStar: Your Trusted Aluminum Pickup Truck Racks Manufacturer

As a trusted manufacturer of aluminum racks for pickup trucks, NewStar understands the needs of Amazon e-commerce sellers, brands, and offline hardware stores. They offer the NS-ATR01, an adjustable truck ladder rack designed to provide convenience and durability for truck storage.

No-Drill Installation for Easy Assembly and Disassembly

NewStar’s aluminum racks feature an easy no-drill installation process. With 8 C-Clamps, the rack can be assembled and disassembled without drilling. The premium aluminum alloy C-Clamps are lightweight and offer higher compressive strength, ensuring a secure hold on the pickup truck while minimizing installation time and effort.

Compatibility with Universal Pickup Trucks

The NS-ATR01 is designed to be compatible with universal pickup trucks. It is a versatile solution that accommodates various truck types, providing flexibility for customers with different truck models. The rack does not fit trucks with Utility Track Systems, Tool Boxes & Side Boxes, Cargo Management Systems, Truck Bed Covers, or Camper Shells.

Durable Aluminum Construction and High Weight Capacity

NewStar’s racks are long-lasting and made of high-quality metal. With a weight capacity of up to 800 lbs, the NS-ATR01 offers plenty of room for storing various tools and supplies. The pickup truck looks sleeker and more professional thanks to the silver finish.


NewStar is a reliable producer for brands, brick-and-mortar hardware shops, and Amazon e-commerce merchants regarding aluminum pickup truck racks. The NS-ATR01 optimizes truck storage by combining durability, compatibility, and ease of installation. Join with NewStar to provide your clients with a dependable and effective way to arrange their pickup vehicles. Put your faith in NewStar’s experience and dedication to providing premium aluminium pickup truck racks, and take advantage of their outstanding selection to broaden your product offers.

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