Topic 3 What is Cac? Tips on how to play the more popular number 3

Match 3 is a very familiar form of betting, attracting a large number of players in Vietnam to participate. This is also a favorite form of lottery prediction at  Liên Minh OKVIP. However, many new players do not know What is topic 3?, how to fight to win. Let’s follow all of his articles Liên Minh OKVIP to update the most useful information.


 What is topic 3?

3-digit lottery, 3-digit lottery number is the calling of the Northerners, under the main is the calling of the Southerners and 3-digit lottery is the calling of the Central people. Although this type of betting has a different name, the way to play is the same. Players will predict and choose a number in the range from 000 to 999 to bet.

  • In the North: the result of the 3-digit lottery is the last 3 numbers of the special prize
  • In the South and Central regions, it is divided into 3 types as follows:
    • First 3 numbers: The player will win the bet when it matches the 3 numbers of prize 7
    • 3 tails: The player will win the bet when it matches the last 3 numbers of the special prize
    • 3 first and last numbers: The player will win the bet if it matches the 3 exact numbers in the 7th prize or the last 3 numbers in the special prize. If the number the player bet on appears in 2 prizes, he will win double

In short, playing 3-card lottery in the North or Central – South is not simple because it also depends on the probability of winning the lottery. Therefore, to predict 3 digits, the player needs to determine the winning numbers. However, if you win 3 numbers, the player will win a huge amount of money. This is also the reason why this betting game is very attractive and attracts many people to play.

Topic 3: How to eat more?

In 3-card lotteries, the calculation method and payout ratio are often different depending on the house you choose. However, the important thing is that the 3-card payout is often significantly higher than that of regular lotteries. Below, we would like to introduce the 3-card lottery payout rate at bookmaker VN88 to give you an overview:

  • The North: The odds of winning 3 claws in the North are 1 to 835. For example, if you bet 10,000 VND and win 3 claws in the North, you will receive 8,350,000 VND in your account.
  • In the South and Central regions, lot 3 has the following calculation methods and payout rates:
    • First lot of 3 claws (3 digits of prize 7): Odds of winning 1:835.
    • Lot of 3 tails (last 3 digits of special prize): Odds of winning 1:835.
    • Lot of 3 first and last claws (coincident with 3 digits of prize 7 or special prize): Odds of winning 1:835, and if both results match, you will receive double the bonus.

For example: If you bet 10,000 VND on the first and last 3-digit lot. If it matches the 7th prize or the special prize, you will receive 8,350,000 VND, but if you win both you will be awarded 16,700,000 VND.

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Some ways to play 3-card lottery today

The odds of winning in lot 3 are really very low, only 1/1000 chance of success. However, due to its high winning rate, it always attracts many players. Below,  Liên Minh OKVIP would like to introduce some 3-card lottery methods that experts and experienced players often apply to increase their chances of winning:

Choosing number 3 relies more on spiritual factors

How to catch 3-card lottery based on spiritual factors is a method that many players have applied when participating in 3-card lottery. Many people believe that their dreams may contain special signs or messages about lucky numbers. However, there is no way to prove that these spiritual factors are completely accurate, as they may be accurate for one person, but not for another.

Part of this method is dream-based calculation, which has a success rate of up to 85%. Veteran players often perform meticulous analysis and reasoning. For example, if in your dream you see a person who has passed away, you can research information such as their date of birth, year of birth, and age. This data can help you approach the number 3 more accurately.

Bet 3 numbers based on the date

How to play 3-digit lottery numbers based on the date is an extremely simple and easy-to-understand method. The simple principle is that you just need to take the lottery results from the previous day, then combine them with that day’s numbers to create the 3-digit lottery results for the next day.

However, many experienced players say that the success rate of this method is not high. Therefore, capital management is an important factor to ensure you do not lose too much money when implementing this method.

For example: If today’s first lottery number is 78 and today is Tuesday, you can create 3-digit lottery numbers like 783, 738, 378 to use in the next 3 – 4 days.

Bet on 3 numbers based on odd evenness

The way to play 3-digit lottery based on parity is also a method of analyzing data based on the number of white players. This process requires you to pay attention to the parity of the white card number and the day it appears. If the white card number is an odd number and the day is also an odd day, you will create 3-card numbers by combining them with a certain odd total. Similarly, if the white card number is an even number and the day is an even day, you will use the even number to create the 3-card numbers.

For example: If the number 43 is 43 and it appears on March 21, you can create 3-digit numbers like 741, 742, 731, 732 by combining it with the total number 7 (because The number 43 is an odd number and March 21 is also an odd day).

Bet number 3 based on prize number 7 and special prize

How to play the 3-digit lottery based on the special prize and the 7th prize is a simple method. You just need to combine 4 numbers from prize 7 and any number from the special prize to create 3-digit numbers.

For example: Prize 7 of the Northern lottery includes 48, 52, 89, 65, and the special prize is 91843. Depending on each player’s number combination, you can create different 3-digit numbers as follows: 489, 658, 521… If you have a good feeling about these numbers, the success rate with this method can be quite high.

Playing 3-way lottery is based on the lottery memory method

How to play 3-card lottery is based on the lottery memory method often used by experienced players. They use their acumen to choose beautiful and potential numbers to appear in the 3-digit lottery results. By consulting the statistical table, they can determine the luckiest number 3 and focus on raising it for 3 days.

Hopefully with  Liên Minh OKVIP’s sharing about What is topic 3? as well as some popular ways to play that will help you during the game. Don’t forget to follow Liên Minh OKVIP to update the latest and most useful information.

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