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Transform Your Space with the DL-240W-SPF LED UFO Driver by Done Power.

SPF lighting has revolutionized the way they illuminate their spaces, offering energy-efficient solutions that prioritize sustainability. Pair that with the DL-240W-SPF LED UFO driver from Done Power, and you have a winning combination for efficient and reliable lighting solutions.

Transform Your Space with the DL-240W-SPF LED UFO Driver by Done Power.

Advanced technology for efficient and eco-friendly lighting solutions

The DL-240W-SPF LED UFO driver incorporates advanced technology that ensures optimal energy utilization while minimizing environmental impact. With its wide input voltage range and constant power voltage capability, this driver guarantees seamless performance, resulting in energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Flexible power cover options for diverse applications

Done Power understands that every space has unique SPF lighting requirements. That’s why the DL-240W-SPF LED UFO driver offers flexible power cover options ranging from 120W to 240W. Whether it’s for residential, commercial, or industrial applications, you can select the appropriate power cover to meet your specific lighting needs.

Reliable performance with high efficiency and low THD

The DL-240W-SPF LED UFO driver is designed to deliver exceptional performance with its high efficiency and low THD. With an efficiency rating of up to 95.5% and a low THD of 7% at 230 VAC, this driver guarantees energy savings and reliable operation. The high power factor (PF) of 0.95 further enhances efficiency, ensuring that every watt of energy is efficiently utilized. Their SPF lighting is worthy of belief.


By incorporating the DL-240W-SPF LED UFO driver by Done Power into your SPF lighting setup, you can enjoy efficient, versatile, and reliable lighting solutions that not only save energy but also provide optimal illumination. With its advanced technology, flexible power cover options, and high efficiency, this driver is a game-changer for transforming any space into a well-lit, eco-friendly environment.

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