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Superiority in oligo synthesis service: How Molecular Science Is Advanced by Tsingke’s Advanced Services

In the rapidly advancing field of molecular science, Tsingke stands at the forefront with its exceptional oligo synthesis service services. As a leading biotech entity recognized globally, Tsingke’s dedication to delivering high-quality oligonucleotides is evidenced by their comprehensive service offerings. With more than 200 chemical modifications available, Tsingke addresses the diverse needs of bench scientists and researchers, ensuring that each oligo synthesis service product meets the highest standards of precision and quality.

Tailored Solutions and Stringent Quality Control

Tsingke’s commitment to excellence is further solidified by its ISO 13485 provided by SGS, a testament to their stringent quality standards and operational excellence. Serving over 500 in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) companies, Tsingke has established itself as a trusted partner in the biotech industry. The use of advanced quality control (QC) methods, including 100% mass spectrometry analysis, underlines Tsingke’s pledge to reliability. Additional detection options are available to cater to specific research needs, ensuring that every synthesized oligonucleotide is both accurate and reliable.

Driving Innovation in Genetic Research

The impact of Tsingke’s oligo synthesis service services extends beyond mere supply. By enabling researchers to conduct their studies with greater precision and flexibility, Tsingke is actively contributing to the advancement of genetic research. Their extensive array of modification and purification options allows for customization that meets the evolving demands of scientific inquiry and medical innovation. This adaptability not only enhances the research capabilities of scientists but also supports the development of new medical diagnostics and treatments.


Tsingke’s oligo synthesis service services are more than just a product; they are a pivotal resource in the toolkit of modern molecular scientists. With a robust framework of quality control and a vast range of customizable options, Tsingke is not just meeting but exceeding the expectations in the realm of oligo synthesis service. As they continue to innovate and support the scientific community, Tsingke’s contributions are setting new standards in the biotech industry, promising a future where molecular advancements are readily accessible and infinitely possible.

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