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ZTT’s Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire: Ensuring Durability and Conductivity

ZTT, with over 16 years of experience, is a trusted sustainable development company. Their aluminum-clad steel wire products are renowned for their durability and conductivity. In this article, we will explore the wide range of aluminum-clad steel wire options provided by ZTT, their extensive application in transmission line projects, and the advanced manufacturing techniques employed to produce high-strength products.

Wide Range of Aluminum-Clad Steel Wire Options

ZTT offers a diverse selection of aluminum-clad steel wire options, catering to different conductivity requirements. With options ranging from 10%IACS to 40%IACS, ZTT provides versatile solutions to meet specific project needs. These products undergo high-quality production processes, and ZTT employs specialized machines such as continuous-extrusion and clad machines to ensure the complete coating of aluminum on the steel wire. Furthermore, all aluminum-clad steel wire products from ZTT meet international standards such as IEC, ASTM, BSI, AS, and CSA, ensuring their quality and performance.

Extensive Application and Global Reach

ZTT’s aluminum-clad steel wire has found extensive application in various projects, including the State Grid Corporation of China and urban and rural transmission line construction. The reliability and performance of ZTT’s aluminum-clad steel wire have made it a trusted solution in the industry. Moreover, these products have been exported to countries such as America, Korea, Indonesia, India, and Malaysia, showcasing their global reach and recognition.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques and High-Strength Products

ZTT utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure the high quality of their aluminum-clad steel wire. The special continuous-extrusion and clad machines employed in the production process guarantee complete coating of aluminum on the steel wire, providing excellent durability. Additionally, ZTT’s special drawing machines enable the production of high-strength aluminum-clad steel wire with a 10%IACS conductivity level. These high-strength products are achieved through 12 model drawing and prolongation machine processes, ensuring their robustness and suitability for various project requirements.


ZTT’s aluminum-clad steel wire is a reliable solution that ensures both durability and conductivity in transmission line projects. With a wide range of options, compliance with international standards, and advanced manufacturing techniques, ZTT sets the standard for excellence in the industry. Choose ZTT’s aluminum-clad steel wire for your projects and experience the durability, conductivity, and quality that ZTT is known for.

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